About Us


Persian Esprit

Khātam (Persian: خاتم‎) is a Persian version of Marquetry, art forms made by decorating the surface of wooden items with delicate pieces of woodbone and brass precisely-cut into  geometrical shapes. This delicate art took on a special significance during Safavid era (1501-1736) when Isfahan was the capital city. Backed by long historical experience, this city is still regarded as the center of handicrafts in Iran. Our products have been designed by proficient Isfahanian artists who have inherited this art from their ancestors.

Shik Symbol

Our logo, has been inspired from Eslimi designs which are native in Iran, particularly Isfahan, frequently intertwined floral arrangements, commonly found in in turquoise or ocher background in mosque adornment. Isfahan is internationally known as the city of turquoise domes. And the hand symbol indicates that our products are totally handmade.


What do we do?

As one of the international ecommerce company specialized in Iranian handicrafts, Shik, enables millions of people around the world to purchase any remarkable Persian handicrafts online. Our UK registered Number is 10415015.

Handicrafts are the symbol of any country’s culture and history. Leaving aside rough political attitudes that have been shaped about Iran these days, Shik’s first priority is to improve international awareness about precious traditional Persian human arts which represent delicate spirit of Iranians and the great history of Persia.

Having precisely, exclusively designed products with best quality, originally made in Iran, we intend to improve our business through the power of our offered products and customer services. Although the management team has been located in UK, products are being design in Iran by very skillful staff (some of them have 40 years record in this field) under our supervision. They would be shipped to UK in bulk volume, fianal polishing and packaging will be processed in London and parcels will be sent to the customers all around the world via different UK post services. We make every efforts in our packaging and shipping processes to prevent from any damage to the products.